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‘A Dissenting Voice Amongst the Dissenting Voices’

Engaging the Disengaged: The Complimentary Convergence of  Development Education and Social   Art Practice.

This research aims to present a creative comprehension and empirical account of how disengaged and disadvantaged young adults in education respond to the amalgamation of the development education and social art practice. The study is primarily concerned with examining the experiential conditions of the young adults institutionalised relationships within a formal and informal context, by analysing the role of perspective, value and awareness within their learning and social cycle.

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Reflections of Designers on Art - 

in Second Level Education

The arts represent a means of expression and imagination that influence the cultures in society (Sunil Iyengar & Ayanna Hudson, 2014). Art education refers to learning about diverse creative disciplines that are an integral component of innate talent’s (Nunan, 2009). In Ireland’s second level art education there is a lack of clarity in the components of art; which has produced concern towards the current repetitious curriculum cycle (ATAI 2016). From this, the study aims to analyse the core principles of art in second level education by seeking the views of design professionals.This has examined the fundamentals of the art curriculum by explicating the perceptions of contemporary designers; with the goal conducting.....

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